Sager Ganza Mirofinance PLC

What is and Why Sager Ganza Microfinance

SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE PLC is a microfinance institution working in Rwanda since 2005 licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda.

The idea of the creation of this institution comes from its main shareholder Bobby SAGER, U.S. citizen who intervened in Rwanda in 2002 during the emergency period through the NGO called WIF “WOMEN INVESTMENT FUND”.
The main objective of this NGO was to assist genocide widows and other women who have found themselves obliged to provide only the needs of their households in the absence of their husbands.

During the period of economic recovery in 2005, Bobby Sager brought together 25 other Rwandan economic actors who have the desire to participate in the program of poverty reduction. So they set up microfinance SWOFT “SAGER WOMEN ORGANIZATION FUND TRUST”. The mission, vision and objectives of the company have changed in light of participating in the national program of poverty reduction. It is in this context that SWOFT began to collaborate effectively with Terrafina which provides technical and financial supports.
The institution changed its name on 8th August, 2012 and became “SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE LTD”. 

In accordance with Law No. 27/2017 of 31/05/2017, the General assembly held on 17th March, 2018 decided to change the name of “SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE Ltd” to “SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE PLC”.
Currently, SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE PLC has six branches across five districts of Rwanda and wishes to open other branches in the need to approach their services to its target population.

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